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Squire Affinity Stratocaster – Great Bang for the Buck

Squire Affinity StratocasterThe Squire Affinity Stratocaster has been one of the most popular entry level electric guitars for the past several years and for good reason. Given it’s price point, it offers and very decent level of quality, play-ability, and tone. New models go for less than $200 and you can always find them used on Craigslist for $100 or less. So if you have an itch to find out if you have the desire and work ethic to become the next Clapton or Hendrix, the Affinity Strat gives you a way to do so without breaking the bank. Of course you’ll be needing an amp and a few other accessories, but they sell these in kits at very reasonable prices. Of course you can always pick up a budget priced amp on Craigslist and you won’t be out much money at all.

So below you will find two videos featuring the Squire Affinity Stratocaster. The first video should quell any doubts you might have about the kind of sound this guitar is capable of producing. In the hands of an accomplished guitarist, this is a surprising guitar. It sounds wonderful. The second video is an in depth review of the physical makeup and characteristics of the guitar. In the end, I think you’ll agree that this is a guitar that is very worthy of your consideration if you are shopping for your first electric guitar.

Squire Affinity Stratocaster Review

Affinity Stratocaster Delivers Great Tone

Hi. My name is Matt Wolf and today we’ll review the Squire Affinity Stratocaster.

So, this is among those cheaper guitars. So I bought this one from eBay just for $100. So that not a lot in comparison with other guitars is like the Vintage SG, for example, you can check it out on my channel. Also like a custom shop, so they are, this is like the low end of the guitars. So let’s check and see if it’s a good guitar.

The Affinity Strat from Top to Bottom

Squire Affinity StratSo, let’s review all of the components and let’s see how it sounds. Like, so here we go. So first, like, let’s look at the headstock. So this is a late 60 kind of headstock. It’s like a bigger headstock. So the Fender Strat copies of the 50s and early 60s, they had a smaller headstock. But then from 65 or something, the headstocks got bigger. So if you think of Jimi Hendrix, for example, he also had these bigger headstock. So that’s cool and it has the bigger head stock.

So let’s talk about the tuners. If we tune a guitar for instance, the tuners, they are very sturdy, so it’s very easy to tune the guitar. There are not any loose ends. They are very robust, so everything sounds excellent here.

Let’s go to the nut. So normal Fenders of the 50s or 60s they had like a bone nut so it’s really hard material that also effects, too. This is not bone. It’s some kind of plastic. It actually sounds pretty good as well and it’s also very well adjusted so the strings are not too high like you see on some new Gibsons. They file the nut very high so it’s hard to play and you have to file it yourself. However, this is actually, it’s good from the box, so it is very low, very well adjusted. So actually you can have a very low action without any fret buzz. So the nut is very well adjusted from the beginning. So that’s very good.

Standard Stratocaster Neck and Fretboard

So let’s talk about the neck. So this is, it’s a maple neck. It’s a c-shape neck it’s fairly thin, but it’s, I think, it’s standard on all Fender Stratocasters, especially the lower end Fender Stratocaster. It’s a very thin neck, so it’s… I had an SG as well and the neck was thin and it was kind of unstable, but this is thin and it’s not so unstable. So, it’s still a sturdy, good neck, I think. It also fits well on your hands. If you like bigger necks then maybe this is not something for you. Nonetheless, I think it’s a good shape. It’s a standard C shape, so everybody should like it I guess.

Affinity Squire StratLet’s go to the fretboard. So, it’s a rosewood fretboard. So it’s is…It kind of has some grain in it as well which I like. I can show you here on the screen as well. It also, you can see here, below you can see, it’s also a slab board, fretboard. So that means that in the early 50s the fretboards they also had some girth. But then they make them thicker and some say is made the Stratocaster warmer. So maybe that’s the case here or so. So it has a slat board fretboard. So, I think that’s good as well and let’s talk about the frets. These are not all that big they aren’t jumbo frets. I don’t know which frets are on it, but they seem good, they work well. There are no… Also, the fret board is very well leveled. There are no… notes come out very well. Right! Also, the net joint, sometimes it can be an issue. It’s cheaper and sometimes they don’t fit well. But this one, there’s a very nice fit. I don’t, I don’t see any problems with it so that looks good.

All right then, let’s go to the body. So this is… it even looks like one piece, one piece body. It is, you have a lot of, you have a lot of Stratocasters that they make two pieces together. But this is like one piece body of alder. So I also… it’s a sunburst, three tone sunburst, with black at the end and then red, a little bit of red, I do not know whether you can see it very well. A little bit of red there, so and then the normal, the normal finish. So I like it, kind of like a grain of salt. So it looks good. It’s also not too heavy. So I like it.

Alright, so let’s talk about the bridge then. So this is like the standard Stratocaster bridge where you can adjust every bridge piece separately. So, that’s good. You can adjust everything separately. You can also adjust intonation. So that’s kind of standard in any bridge and it’s necessary as well to set up your guitar correctly. But I didn’t. The intonation is quite good actually.

Electronics and Pickups

Affinity StratocasterSo right. All the electronics they also seem very simple and working like expect from a Strat. So, all of those, they work quite well. It also cleans up very nicely. So I’m at volume 4 now, volume 8. Right. Then all the tone knobs as well. Tone number five really makes it a little bit thicker, so I like it. So with the tone knob all the way down, they still are usable sounds. I like tone knobs as well. So if you want to jazzy tones you can take your neck pick up to throw down a tone and you get instant jazz. So it sounds very warm and very usable, so I think that’s good. Right. Also, the other tone knob, so this is the treble pickup. So, the last tone knob, so it only works for the middle pickup and not for the treble pickup. So this is the middle pickup, tone up all the way up. Tone knob all the way down. And then, tone knob at five.

The pickups, I think they also sound quite good, especially for a guitar in this price range. They’re not the best pickups, of course, but you can always switch them with aftermarket pickups, then you can make your guitar maybe a little bit better. But let’s see how they sound. So this is a neck pickup. So this is making between position. In between position and on the treble pickup, the bridge pickup. So these are all usable sounds and not too drastically, not too abrupt, so they are very usable I think. So on some cheaper guitars there’s one pickup it really doesn’t sound good. So you never use it. However, I think these ones you can use them all. They are also in between position. That’s typical for a Strat.

A Lot to Like for a Little Cash

I really can’t say anything negative about this guitar, right. I like it and for this price you get a lot of guitar and it’s good there are not things I don’t like. So I think it’s a very good guitar given the price. So let’s now just do some sounds examples then let’s see how it sounds. I hope that you enjoyed it. But, so… Tone knob rolled down. The middle pickup. And the bridge pickup. So there you have it. I think I cannot say anything negative about the guitar. I like it. I hope you like it as well. There you have it.

So I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope it helped you to make a choice, to go for the guitar or not. So do not forget to comment below and I see you next time.

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