Epiphone ES-339 Pro Electric Guitar

Hey everybody, Glen here.

I’ve been a professional musician for, well long as I want to remember, and a teacher. I wanted to talk a little bit today about a guitar from Epiphone that just blows me away. Own right now currently an Epiphone Dot in blonde, and older Samic made model, as well as a red Dot, and recently I just picked up this, the 339. The ES-339 and I’ve just been so blown away by it. The value for the money that you pay for this is just unreal.

Epiphone ES-339 Pro – Versatile Performer

Epiphone ES-339 Pro – Feature Rich & Great Tone

So, I’m not paid by Epiphone at all. I want to thank my buddies at Sam Ash in Clearwater, Marko and Danny. They always set me up with some great stuff. Also in our household we got a couple of other Epiphones, a ukulele my wife has a PR5e acoustic which is great. So I really love their products. Being a working musician there are certain things that at concert venues we have shared stages and you’ve got, you know, people coming on and off all the time. There are certain guitars that I just won’t bring to those kind of gigs. It’s tough when you get a $3,000 guitar that gets broken and, you know, it’s bad enough, you know, when a four or five hundred dollar guitar gets broken. But when one that’s expensive, you know, people just go, “Sorry”.

339 Pro – Coil Splitting Means Greater Versatility

So I want to talk a little bit about this guitar. One of the things you’ll notice right away is that the setup, right away, was just really wonderful. It came off the rack at Sam Ash. It’s really got the slim taper neck. It’s not like a 59 neck. One of the things that they advertise, you’ll see on Sweetwater, Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Musicians Friend dot com, is that it comes with Wilkinson tuners. This one didn’t and what I’m reading now is most of them now are coming with the the Grover Deluxe’s which is great with the tombstone, you know, heads on them, which is nice. But it’s got the LockTone bridge, the stop tail piece, it’s got the pro buckers which are now, from what I understand from Epiphone, are triple sealed, triple wax sealed. So it’s really not a lot of noise. But when I, when I really play this, I mean, let’s just let’s just play a little something on the neck pick up, you know. Let’s move it. We’ll split it. Bridge pick. Nice and bright without being too spanky. Now one of the things that’s really cool is, Gibson doesn’t even offer this, is the coil tapping. So, essentially what it does is it takes a humbucker and turns it into a single coil. They’ve run some extra wires out of there and you will get that 50 cycle hum at high volume, especially if you’re using distortion. What I find really cool about it is that you just it’s just push-pull. So you pull up, push down and you can hear the difference in the bridge pickup. If I just, you know, pull up, the volume drops a little bit, but it really gives you a nice kind of spanky, kind of thin sound and if I pull up on the treble pickup and basically just, kind of do some rhythm type stuff. Now you’re not going to get, you’re not going to get that down out of phase Fender sound. But you know, as an overall guitar, if you want to bring a guitar to just about a gig that covers everything, I do a lot of show music, some jazz stuff, some funk. I just brought it as sort of a secondary guitar on a few gigs this past weekend and I didn’t change guitars out. I usually bring a Strat. With a little chorus on it, you know, it’s very good. Now, if I pop in the, go back two humbuckers, you can hear the difference. Again, I was all playing through a Fender Princeton Chorus. It’s just a nice guitar to do this demo on.

Now, if we want to talk a little bit about how it handles crunch, we’ll put a little crunch on it. So handles crunch really well. And overall the the fit and finish, like I said, is really wonderful. One of the things, too, is that the input jack is, they pretty much guarantee that even if the outer nut comes loose, that you’re not going to have any problems with the inside coming loose. That’s not just going to fall out and you can jack in and out a billion times with it. It’s very solid. But overall, a very solid guitar, very well made, and very versatile. It’s smaller than, it’s just for people that want something in-between a Les Paul and a 335 which is just perfect and I am really just pleased with the sound of it. I’ve even done some you know some some jazzier stuff with it. You get the idea.

But it plays really well and I highly recommend the Epiphone ES-339. Now this is the Pro. These retail for about $399 and the Ultra, which is one as a built-in tuner and also has a USB port on it, stereo jack input, that one’s retailing for about seven ninety-nine. If you’re not going to do stereo, you’re not going to use the Nano pickup to do some acoustic sounds, you know, I recommend saving a few hundred bucks and just just go with the 339 Pro And again, you know, using the coil tapping you get some real cool acoustic sounds.

So, but that’s it, I hope this is helpful. But anybody that really wants to buy one of these, I’ve never posted anything on YouTube as far as reviews before, but it’s just a terrific solid guitar. So hope you check it out.

Bye bye.

Epi ES-339 Pro – A Lot of Guitar for the Money

Hello good buddy.

This is Sean with Six String Blues dot com. Today we’re going to take a look at the Epiphone ES-339 Pro. Now, if you’re not familiar with the 339 model of the Epiphone or the Gibson model guitars, it is basically very similar to a ES-335 except with the 339 models. They feature a reduced size, laminated body. This particular Epiphone here has a maple body. It has a solid center block down the middle, similar to the ES-335 which helps reduce feedback at loud volumes or else if you’re standing close to your amp, which you would get feedback with a hollow body guitar. So, as a semi-hollow body guitar, once again, it just has a solid center block down the middle. The neck on here is actually a slim taper, what they call a D profile neck from Epiphone and it actually has a mahogany neck. Great. This is the cherry finish. So the finish on here is absolutely phenomenal considering the price that you pay for the guitar, and also for the fact that it is a China made guitar; not to disrespect the China guitars at all, but for a large number of years people would steer away from the China made guitars because they were considered to be very cheap. But basically, with the new Epiphone that they have out there on the market, the China guitars have greatly improved. Now, I highly suggest picking one up if you’re looking for a budget-friendly guitar or else a gig worthy guitar that’s under 400 bucks.

339 Pro – Proof That Import Guitars Can Compete

This features the deluxe, I’m sorry, the Grover Deluxe tuners with the cool vintage green shading to them, which I absolutely love. The reason I picked up this particular guitar is because of the pickup configuration. These pickups are basically the alnico Classic Pro humbuckers from Epiphone. But the cool thing about this guitar is it does feature coil tapping. So, if you’re not familiar with coil tapping, basically what this allows you to do with the two volume controls, if they’re pushed down, I get the characteristics of a humbucker guitar. If I want to get the single coil sound, or do coil tapping, I can basically lift up on the volume control and it turns whatever volume control I turn, I pull up on, it turns that pickup into a single coil. So combine that with a 3-way toggle switch, you get all sorts of tonal capabilities with this guitar, whether you want a cool sound single coil sound of a Stratocaster or else if you want the warm sound of a humbucker, or the bright sound of a humbucker in the bridge position. Now with this particular ES-339 Pro guitar, I do love the, absolutely love the humbucker positions that it comes with. I think the single coils are a little bit weak, but they are cool for playing some cool rhythm stuff. It probably wouldn’t compare to a higher end single coil pickup, but of course you can always change that by swapping out the pickups. But with this particular stock model here, like I said, my personal preferences in the humbucker position. But in a single coil position it has some great sounds for playing rhythm, funk, or anything like that, or even lead for that matter.

Now for today’s setup here, I am in my main guitar studio here at Six String Blues and basically, on my right side here I have a Fender Deluxe 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue. Say that five times in a row. But it’s a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue. I believe this is around a 1990 or so model. I absolutely love that amp. On my left side over here I am playing a Lewis Electric Buster amp which is basically a copy of a Fender Tweed Deluxe Lou Risano builds these amps out in New Jersey and they’re a great amp. So I highly suggest checking those out, too. It puts up about 20 watts of power. I have mine set to about 18 watts of power that it is outputting right now. I’ll show you my pedal board later, but basically I’m playing through a Jam Man stereo looper pedal which allows me to use my single cable here to output to two different amps, which is a cool sound if you have multiple amps and you want to play through two at the same time. I do have the reverb shut up on my Fender Deluxe Reissue because I do have a 63 Fender Reverb pedal from Boss which allows me to add reverb to my Lewis Electric Buster which does not include a reverb.

A $400 Phenom with Chops

So I’m going to go ahead and play a couple of riffs here and I’m going to go ahead and go through the different tonal capabilities of this guitar and then I’m going to go ahead and play along with my looper pedal so you can hear what this guitar would sound like with a track going. So I’m going to start off with the humbucker position on both pickups. Now my personal playing preferences, I do not have my controls wide open when I play guitar, usually roll-off, usually down between 6 & 7 on the volume controls of my guitars to get the sound that I desire. They are a little bit too bright when you have it all the way up in my opinion and I like a much warmer sound. So I’m going to go ahead and play a rhythm and a little bit of lead so you can hear each tonal position and I’ll go ahead and play with the looper pedal. So this is the bridge pickup in the humbucker position and I’m going to play a little bit of rhythm here. So that’s what the humbucker position. So I am going to go ahead and pull up on the bottom volume control which gives me turning my humbucker in the bridge position into a single coil. All right. So I’m gonna go ahead and push down on that volume control now. I’m gonna go ahead and go into the middle position. So right now, both pickups are in the humbucker position with the middle position. So both pickups are on. So that’s a great signing middle position with both pickups on. I’m going to go ahead and lift up on both volume controls now so you can hear it would sound like with single coil in the middle position. Hey, really great for rhythm. I don’t really like to play lead in this single coil middle position, so now I’m going to go ahead and push the top pickup, or the neck pickup, in the humbucker position I’m going to go ahead and push down on the middle position so it’s a both pickups are in the middle position with both pickups on. So now I’m gonna go up and go into the neck pickup in the humbucker position. All right. So that’s in a humbucker position. Once again, all sorts of tonal capabilities of this. So basically, I’m going and play a looper track here and then I go ahead and lay down a basic rhythm and play some lead over it. Now I’ll switch do two different pickup combinations so you can hear the tonal possibilities of this guitar.

So there you go everybody. This is the ES-339 Pro from Epiphone. Great $400 guitar. So, if you’re looking for a great guitar for that price, I highly recommend checking one of these out. They basically revamp the whole Epiphone line with the ES models and there’s all sorts of models between the Sheraton, the 335, the 339, all sorts of great guitar that you’ll find under 400 bucks. So once again, the ES-339 Pro from Epiphone. They do make this an Ultra, which has an added bridge pickup that gives you a little bit more of a classic or acoustic type jazz sound to it. So that is a great guitar upon itself. But this is the 339 Pro. I highly recommend checking one out.

Thank you for watching.


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