Chet Atkins – Perfection on Guitar

There are very few individuals in any walk of life that are so incredible at what they do that one feels compelled to preface their name with the phrase “The Great”. Chet Atkins is one of those people. His guitar skills eclipsed everyone in his generation and he may in fact be the finest guitar player that ever lived. His technical skills were unrivaled and his style was simply perfection. If you think this is any way an exaggeration,  please watch the videos below. You’ll be forced to rethink your opinion. After all, he was recognized by his peers in the music industry as “Mr. Guitar”.

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”J73TLFheyAQ,f5oExc78IKE,h9bajxt02h8,n-c66SJPuUI,xRcgJYr1IRI,Zj8RUoFuFNQ,GnJXI7MN564,6zneX9_fHlQ,oFDw6y3ybVc,Su9r8hNbIrw,rltEI9PA5yo,lotN6YM0i5Y” description=”off”]

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