Fender American Vintage 52 Telecaster

The Fender 52 Telecaster is one of the most famous and influential guitars in history. The 52 Tele was the immediate successor to the NoCaster and the Broadcaster. It was the guitar that Leo designed to become a genuine commercial best seller and this guitar accomplished all that and more. It became the go to instrument  for professional guitarists in all genres of music, but it completely dominated the country scene. The Fender American Vintage 52 Telecaster is a faithful recreation of that fabled guitar with a only a few concessions to the needs of the modern guitarist.

Used Guitar – 2013 Fender American Vintage '52 Reissue Telecaster withTweed Case

Fender 52 Telecaster – Simply Spectacular

Hey everybody, Lawmen Mike with Lawman Guitars dot com.

Boy, have I got an incredible guitar for you today. Ever want a 1952 Tele? I think every guitar player has dreamed of having a 1952 Tele. However, most of us don’t have the six figures it takes to buy a 1952 Tele, correct? Okay. Well, here’s what Fender came up with. This is a 2013 Fender American vintage series 52 reissue Tele. Now what they did, I don’t know that this was made in the custom shop. If it wasn’t, it probably should have been. It’s one of the finest Teles I’ve played in a really long time. It doesn’t say Custom Shop anywhere. It certainly feels like that. They have everything that you want to feel and hear in the old Tele’s right here in this guitar. It looks like it, it sounds like it, it plays like it, even the neck. It’s got a nice round, it’s not that wimpy Stratie kind of neck that you get sometimes with Teles. It’s kind of like a Tele wannabe the neck, feels like a 52 Tele. I played 52 Teles and let me tell you this one feels like it. It feels great.

Vintage Sound from the Fender 52 Telecaster

Fender TelecasterNow the guitar is hardly played. I got it from a family. Unfortunately, their father had passed away and this was one of the last guitars. He had bought and I don’t think he really played it. I mean I looked at the frets and there was like no front wear at all. I can’t really even see any pick scratches on it, so I think he probably bought it, something he always wanted, got it, put it in the case, maybe strummed a few chords, and there it sat. And so I got it and happy to be representing it to all of my customers. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s got this beautiful see-through butterscotch finish on it and when I first got it I went “Hey there’s some nicks on it.” and I’m going “What’s up with that.” This guitar is supposed to be almost new. Well, I’m reading some of the stuff that’s in the case candy, which I’ll be talking about here just a little bit, Fender actually put some nick’s in it from the factory. They use nitrocellulose lacquer on the finish and they nicked it in a few places that you would have wanted to see nicks on an old one. Aside from that, I mean it’s just brand new.  I mean it’d just be absolutely beautiful I left the cover on just because I think it looks so neat, but of course, who plays with the cover on. The other thing I thought was really unique, I had a bass that was part of that vintage series that I demoed probably a couple months ago and they did the same thing. They sprayed the headstock and then they put the decal on which is what they did back in the 50s and the early 60s. So when you see this you can actually feel the decal on there and that’s how it’s supposed to be. They didn’t overspray the decals so they even went to that extent to make it that nice. From there, I mean gosh, the maple neck feels great. I mean it just it feels wonderful. I’ve been playing it here. Steve was just saying “Oh that sounds really good.” It is an absolute pleasure to play. I didn’t do anything to it when I got it except clean it up. It needed a little polishing, which I did. I did change the strings. Put some new strings on. The strings were 5 years old. I mean they definitely needed to be changed. But aside from that, that’s all I did.

I’m gonna pull this cover off because it’s hard to play with it on there. But let’s listen to this thing. The neck pickup is really strong and I think part of it is it has the standard wiring. It doesn’t have the 50s wiring.

VIntage 52 Tele – Excellent Neck Pickup

Now you will notice again when I go through the case candy there’s an extra little thing in there for your tech to set this up for like the 50s wiring which the front pickup, it’s almost like it’s all bass. I mean it’s just it’s a rhythm setting. I’d never really like that and I don’t think most modern players like that feature so they changed it to a modern setting, which is your whole front pickup without it being all choked off. But you can change it if you that’s what you so desire. But what I was listening to is this neck pickup. Usually, neck Tele pickups are okay. They’re just, they’re okay. This one sounds really good. I mean I was just kind of shocked, very thick.  I mean it’s a really a full thick sound which a lot of those just don’t have. People don’t use them a lot, so they probably just throw any old pickup in there. But this one sounds really good. I was very impressed. Let’s go in the middle position. Wow, that is fun. Now let’s go all the way in the back. This is where all the Tele players play. Wow is that fun. So as strong as that front pickup is that I was just talking about, let’s not forget this back pickup. This thing is a screamer. I don’t know what they used in it, but whatever they did, it’s great.

There’s whole bunch information in the description that you’ll read in the if you get to my website and see it. There’s a lot of info on these guitars and it is just outstanding. Oh, fun, fun, fun guitar.

Fender Vintage 52 Telecaster

Now we have the original case. I’m happy to say it even has the original tag on here that talks about taking care of, what to do to avoid damage to your guitar, be careful of extreme temperatures. That’s still on the case. The only thing I had to report that I didn’t like is one of the latches is broken.  I’m sorry to report I don’t have a latch to fix it. You can get those. The little piece that catches in there is gone so you have one latch. It doesn’t work. The only thing I could find that was wrong with the guitar so I want to point that out right away. Aside from that, you get inside and it’s got, of course, the red poodle plush case in here. That’s absolutely beautiful. It’s a G&G case, made in the USA. Absolutely beautiful. When you lay that butterscotch guitar down in that red, I got to tell you what, it is absolutely beautiful. But let me show you what we got in here. This just astounded me when I saw all of this in here. They have virtually everything that you could ever want about Fender guitars. But the one thing I really want to point out, that it’s just the coolest thing of all is, look at this. I mean this is like the Fender ad from the 50s. I mean they have a reproduction of that in here. They had that with the bass I sold also and I just thought that was the coolest thing. What else we got in here. It has the wiring diagram. If you want to take the wiring back to the original, you can do that, that original setting. Here’s a bunch of stuff in French if you want your stuff in French. An owners registration. It doesn’t look like that was sent in. Here’s the hang tags that hang from the neck. This is, what is in here? Oh, this is the little resistor that you’re going to want to use if you want to choke out that front pickup. We have case keys. We have the tags that tell you when this thing was built by who. Here’s the American Vintage Series, another hangtag. Here’s the thing I was talking about that talks about the finish and the nicks on it from the Fender people. Here’s your lacquer finish talking about how to care for that. This guitar, by the way, will get finish crazing which is what you want to see. If you look at an old 52 Tele, finish crazing is everywhere. This one will have that if you have enough patience. It’ll happen eventually. Here’s your owner’s manual. Here is a polishing cloth. You get all of this stuff with that incredible guitar. So, I’ll tell you what. If you’ve ever wanted a Tele and you wanted an old one and you just don’t want to fork over the big dough, I got a real beauty for you and it’s got all the stuff that you want to see in there from 2013. It’s already five years old and it looks like it’s brand-new. You get the case candy, you get the case one latch you got a fix, and you get that incredible guitar.

Check it and all of our really cool guitars out at www.lawmanguitars.com where we only sell really cool guitars.

Thanks a lot for watching my videos. I really appreciate it.

Video by Lawman Guitars at https://youtu.be/bxJyP3ssIcI


Fender American Vintage "Thin Skin" 1952 Telecaster Overview • Wildwood Guitars

Fender Vintage 52 Telecaster – Faithful to the Original

Yeah, butterscotch delight! Ladies and gentlemen, simple elegance is the Telecaster and these guitars are back again ladies and gentlemen, American vintage thin-skinned 52 telecasters here Wildwood guitars.

Vintage Tele Goodness Throughout

You’ve got an ash body of course, 52 Tele neck which has got some girth to it. You know, back in the day, the 52 reissue had a very small neck on it. This is more indicative of what a fifty-two would actually be, which is not quite as big as like the 51 no caster, but it’s got a little bit of depth to it. So, if you like a neck with some substance, well come on y’all! This is 9.5 inch radius; a little flatter radius, 6105 frets, taller frets so more of a modern neck scenario as far as playability with kind of your classic attributes that you have with an old 52, other than the fact that it has custom shop twisted Tele pickups. Twisted Tele first they made a neck pickup, I don’t know how many years ago, just a Tele neck pickup. A phenomenal sounding neck pickup for a Telecaster, just a little bit more sinew but still keeping the tradition of that glorious transparent and very squishy sounding neck pickup on Telecasters. It has just a little bit more sass to it so it has more parity with the bridge pickup which of course sounds glorious and this is a Twisted Tele bridge pickup that they have now. So there’s a mash of twisted Teleness. I’m feeling twisted right now myself just being in proximity of these pickups, but I’m always a little bit twisted. Ha-ha. Sorry, I’ve lost myself for a minute there.

Let’s go and listen to both pickups together. We just heard Mr. neck pick up, squishy and delish. Let’s hear both pickups together, speaking together as if by name saying, those are the pickups talking.

Fender 52 Telecaster – Add One to Your Collection

I like Telecasters. This is an excellent guitar at an excellent price. You know what? Why would they give you the tools in which to make your guitar fantasies come true.  I’m sticking with it.

Gregory Cocker here at the Wildwood lair with these new American Vintage thin skin 52 Telecaster start back y’all.

We’ll see you all later.

Video by Wildwood Guitars at https://youtu.be/oLSCkHiTGEo


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