Fender Player Series Stratocaster Plus Top

While most of us would love to own a US manufactured Fender Stratocaster, the price of the US models can put them out of reach for a lot of people. Fortunately, great guitars like the Mexican made Fender Player Series Stratocaster Plus Top are a lot more affordable and rival their American made counterparts in almost every regard.

Below you will find a couple of very thorough and very compelling YouTube reviews of the Plus Top Player Series Strat. It is a beautiful guitar that sounds great and plays like a dream. It is not without a few faults, but those faults are things that can be easily remedied or simply ignored. At about half the price of the domestic starter Strat, the Player Series Strat simply cannot be ignored.

Fender Player Series Strat – Fun and Affordable

Hello guys, Tom Quayle here. Welcome back to the Dawson’s YouTube channel. I hope you’re all doing very well indeed.

As ever, today I’m checking out another Fender Player Series guitar. This is the Fender Player Series Stratocaster Plus Top. Now what that means is basically is that it’s got this flame maple cap on here and it’s a really beautiful guitar. Again, like the rest of the Player Series, a very affordable price considering what you’re getting.

Fender Player Series Plus Top –  True to the Original

Fender Player Series Stratocaster Plus TopSo this particular guitar features a beautiful alder body with all the classic Strat curves really fret access and that classic design. We’ve got the Fender logo on here the F on the back plate which is a really nice addition at this price point. Then turning over, we’ve got the flamed maple top finished in this sunburst; really nice finish. Then we’ve got three alnico five single coils for those classic Strat sounds with a five-way position switch so you can do your position two and four out of phase sounds, plus that beautiful neck single coil sound that we all love from a Strat. You’ve got a two-point synchronized floating bridge with bent steel saddles, so very high-end at this price point, and then your classic Strat volume, tone, tone. So very cool indeed. There is a top mounted jack socket.

As we move onto the neck, we’ve got a really comfortable maple neck here with a maple fretboard with excellent fret work with the inlays, obviously the dots on there; very classic vintage style with the top dots as well. It’s a very comfortable profile to play and finished in a urethane satin finish so that means the neck is very smooth to play. There’s no gloss on here, so for you guys who don’t like a gloss neck, this is definitely going to suit you down to the ground. Then we’ve got our classic Fender headstock with six in line, very high quality tuners, again, at this price point and then the spaghetti Fender logo. My personal favorite. I think it looks ace and then the Stratocaster logo on there as well.

So, all in all, a really good, high-end guitar for a very affordable price. It’s basically as good as a lot of the US Strats that you used to get back in the day, So the Mexico guitars have really caught up it’s a very cool thing indeed. So let’s plug it in have a listen to how it sounds. We’ll start with some clean tones and then we’ll add some dirt on top.

Oh, okay guys. So there we have it. That is the fantastic Fender Player Series Stratocaster Plus Top available now from Dawson’s music for a fantastic price. Click the link in the description below you can check out the full details and purchase one of these awesome guitars for yourself. Hope you enjoyed the demo guys. If you did, as ever, make sure you click the like and subscribe buttons below and make sure you hit that Bell notification to ensure that you never miss any more of our videos ever again. Let us know what you think in the comments below guys. We love to hear from you. We’d love to know what you think of our guitars and the demos that we do.

Alright guys. My name is Tom Quayle and I’ll see you all in the next video. Bye-bye.

Video by Dawsons Music at https://youtu.be/yoV73C8aelY


Fender Player Series Strat – Sounds and Plays Great

What’s up everybody? Rumblin Man, today coming to you from Florida. I hope everybody’s doing great out there.

I’m super stoked, all right? I’m very, very excited. I mean, if you listened to that demo just now, I mean what beats the sound of a Stratocaster? Man, I just love the way it sounds. I love the vast array of different tones that you can get with a Fender Stratocaster or Strat style instrument. For me, this is also exciting because this is actually the first time on the Rumblin Man channel that I’ve gotten to review a Stratocaster. This will be my first ever Strat review on the Rumblin Man channel and quite frankly, I hope we will have many more to come. So go on and subscribe today if you want to see more Strats, Teles, bases, Fenders, strings, pedals. Fenders new Players Series rocks. Many of you know that, essentially, it came out this past summer. Sometime this year, 2018, and it basically replaced production on Fender’s Mexican Standard line. The Players Series rocks. I’ve gotten to review a number of these and I’m very pleased with what they’ve done. They’re made in Mexico Instruments.

Fender StratBefore I go forward with this review today, I want to give a special shout out to John and the gang over at Seminole Music and Sound right here in Florida, in Seminole Florida on Park Boulevard. These guys are awesome and they made it possible for me to review this Strat today. If you want a Players Series Strat maybe even this very one I’m reviewing in this video today go by and check these guys out. To me Seminole music stands out because of their customer service. You can be on a first-name basis with these guys and get to know them. They’re great people they’re really awesome and also there’s always great products in the store. There’s a wonderful selection of guitars, basses drum stuff, you know. John, the manager, is a pro drummer in this area and quite frankly a lot of the Pinellas County, Tampa Bay Area Pro musicians choose Seminole Music to go to for their strings, supplies, etc. So make sure you check these guys out on the web on Facebook and if you’re here in Florida, go by and see these guys. Tell them Rumblin Man sent you.

Plus Top Players Stratocaster Delivers

So this is the Fender Players Series Stratocaster and this one is the Plus Top, meaning on this alder body there is a flame maple top, a traditional Stratocaster body shape with a glossed polyester finish. The cool finish on this guitar. If you want to know how the neck feels, and that’s something that I want to know anytime I see an instrument review, anytime I’m curious about an instrument, I want to know how the neck feels. You know, what kind of wood it’s made of, what kind of finish it has, what kind of shape it has, and this is just such a thin, easy to play neck. I mean it’s scary to me how easy to play it feels. It has medium jumbo frets and there are 22 of them and you can see it kind of hangs down with a pick guard here. The neck can still be swapped out with other necks, but we have the added 22nd fret right here and that’s very cool, especially if you play all the way up here. It’s a maple neck with a maple fretboard and I always curious to know how the neck feels. So the back of this neck is going to be a satin urethane finish. It’s very smooth, very easy to glide over with your hands. It feels great and the front is a glossy urethane finish which kind of has more of that vintage fender glassy feel to it. So it’s cool. You kind of get the best of both worlds, satin and gloss. This is a modern C shaped maple neck with a synthetic bone nut.

A couple things I really like about the Players Series is that these tuning machines have the very classy Fender logo on them; very nice sealed tuning machines and then back here, something cool they did with the Players Series, is the backplate has the cool F stamp on it. I like that a lot. It gives you that classic Fender feeling. The fingerboard radius is 9.5 inches or that’s 241 millimeters for you guys in other countries who might use the metric system. We’ve got a nut width of one point sixty or that’s 42 millimeters and it’s just a wonderful playing experience.

Fender Players Series Pickups Excel

Great news about the pickups. These are the Fender Players Series pickups. I think they sound fabulous. I’ve been impressed with all the Players Series instruments I’ve tried in terms of their sound. I think these pickups are great. These are not ceramic single coils. These are alnico pickups. Specifically, they are the Players Series Alnico 5 single coil Strat pickups. A as is usual with Strats, we have three pickups. We have one master volume, two master tone, five way switch, and of course, a Strat style tremolo. It’s a two point, synchronized tremolo with bent steel saddles. Interestingly enough, these days I’m a Tele player, a JazzMaster player, sometimes a Strat player, when it comes to electric guitar. And even though I don’t play the Strat these days as much as I do my other guitars, I got to tell you, I grew up playing Stratocasters. My dad always had Strats around. I remember he had a beautiful blue Fender Strat American Strat that he later had refinished. I remember he had, and still has a excellent 1979 Strat. I don’t know. Strats are what I grew up playing, so I know firsthand how versatile this is and the beautiful clean sounds that you can get with these pickups in this fiveway switcher. It’s just awesome.

Can the Players Series Strat Survive Dive Bombing?

Fender American Stratocaster

So let’s hear it a little bit more, real quick. For the demo today I’m running the Strat through a Line 6 Pod XT live pedal and for cables I’m mostly using a couple Fender tweed cables to keep things very Fendery here today. Real quick, I want to take you through some of the sounds, some of the tones that the pickups to this Strat have to offer. So, I’m on a fairly clean channel. It’s got a little drive, and what I’m going to do is, I’m just going to play a few chords on each of the five settings. Tones and volume are at ten, so this is going to be starting with the neck position. Alright, those same chords position 4, at least what I call 4, which is the neck and middle position. Middle position two which is the middle and bridge pickups. Last, but not least, the bridge position. So cool. Man, I love the sound of a good Stratocaster and obviously there’s different, you know, amp settings, and sound configurations I could do to make the different settings sound different, but that’ll just give you kind of a clean, slightly driven chords idea. Real quick, I’m curious about the tremolo. I’m curious on this if we can dive bomb with the tremolo or at least get some good use out of it and still be in tune. And so real quick, I just tuned it a moment ago. Real quick, here’s a G chord. What I’m going to do is, I’m going to play that again, use some tremolo, bring it back up, and then play the G chord once more to see if it can hold tune. I’m going to put it in position two for this. So, from what I can hear, it did get a little out of tune when I dive bombed just now. I mean I didn’t push it as hard as I could, but I did hear it knock it out of tune a little bit. However, in most cases this is a situation that can be taken care of if you want to upgrade parts or get a good setup. It is something to think about though that if you’re going to be using the tremolo a whole lot, make sure you have that done when you get one of these.

Strat Versatility

Fender StartocasterThe Strat and blues music absolutely go hand in hand. To think of blues music generally you think of a Stratocaster you know. You’re going to think of Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s just a great blues guitar. Honestly, blues can be played on other types of guitars, you know, hollow bodies, Telecasters. Yeah, absolutely. But the thing is, the Strat, there’s just something about the way this neck single coil pickup sounds that you just don’t get with any other guitar. It’s just a very identifiable Strat style pickup sound. So, I’m not the greatest blues player of all time, but I’m going to play a few blues licks here and let’s kind of see how it might sound, a little bit on this Fender Players Series Strat. Classic sound man. I’m going to throw in a little grit, a little more delay may be. Let’s try a little bit of that on position 4. Great guitar for blues. You say, “Whoa, Rumbling Man, you know man, what about rock. What about straight-up, straightforward rock.” A Strat cannot be underestimated for rock. I have heard guys rock on Strat, so quite frankly, I spent so many years playing rock music on the Strat because you just get such a great sound out of this bridge pickup. Let’s see what kind of overdrive sounds we can get real quick. Primarily with electric guitar, I play worship music and I think Strats are such a wonderful guitar. Some of the great, the beautiful, clean and heavier tones that you can get with a Stratocaster, I think they line up so great with worship style music. You know, any given Sunday maybe on position 2 hear, maybe one Levi and I might play. Man, the array of tones you can get out of a Strat. This thing sounds good. I don’t know what you guys think. Let me know in the comments. An affordable line Stratocaster sounds amazing or if saying in the worship world if you want to play a little bit of Hillsong. Maybe something that uses a little tremolo. I love it man. I’m digging it. I’m having a good time. I haven’t really played a Strat in a while, so this is this is great. I’d love to have one of these. In country music you hear a lot of telecasters, but you hear a lot of Strats, too. In fact, many of the country players in Nashville that I have known over the years were Stratocaster guys. So real quick, just on the bridge pickup, here a little bit of country style music and you can see pretty clearly why a Stratocaster is great for country music.

So I hope this review has given you some good information about this Stratocaster. I hope it’s given you an idea as to if you’re interested in one. Real quick. Something that I haven’t done a lot in the past, but maybe I’ll do going forward is, I want to give you some pros and cons because I have a lot of questions in here and I want to make sure I’m shooting you guys straight. So let me give you the pros and cons that I think about this Stratocaster. Pros: great sound. You heard it. I’ve loved and enjoyed playing this thing today. Another pro is just the great playability, just such a playable guitar. A third pro is looks and another pro is just the Players Series rocks. I mean it just, cool upgrades, a cool step up from the Standard series. A couple of cons. During the filming of this video, I actually had to tune like at least 10 times. I think so, I had trouble keeping it in tune. So honestly, you’re going to want to get a setup if you have one of these. Another con to me is the synthetic bone nut. Now keep in mind, you know most of my guitars have synthetic bone on them, but I really wish some other type of nut was more common in affordable instruments these days. Because frankly, I just haven’t been blown away by synthetic bone nuts. I usually use some kind of lubricant like Big Ben’s nut sauce, which I’ll put a link to in the description that you can pick up on Amazon. I’m just not blown away by synthetic bone these days, but honestly the pros outweigh the cons for me and this is a great guitar. You know, I think if you want to pick one of these up, have somebody do a good setup on it I think you’re ready to play. I’d love to have one of these. It’s just a great little Strat and if you have any questions, you know the guys at Seminole Music can answer your questions. They can help you out. They can sell you this one or one like it. They can give you a set up. So make sure you hit these guys up if you’re here in Florida or at least check them out and give them a like on Facebook. I’ll put the link to their Facebook page in the description.

As always, God bless you guys. Thank you so much for checking out this review today. It just means a lot to me that you would you would click on my thumbnail. If you did like the demo, I would go in and give it a thumbs up button if you’re willing. And please subscribe to me. I’m trying to get to 3,000 subscribers and the next milestone after that would be 4,000 and I can do that with your help. If you’ll help me spread the word about this channel, if you’ll subscribe and tune in here, and there will definitely be more Stratocaster reviews coming, basses, guitars all kinds of stuff. Stuff musicians will enjoy. Also, you’re more than welcome to like me on Facebook where I post. I’ve posted these videos and also post a lot of other stuff and I have started a Patreon. Now I know that a lot of people on YouTube have Patreon and not everybody can afford to support people who create. However, if you’d be interested in supporting the work of this channel, I want to make some upgrades. I want to go to one of the upcoming NAMM shows. I want to make more time for videos. I want to do some special projects. So you can head over check me out patreon.com/Rumbleman. That said, I will never pressure anyone to give. The option is there if you’d like to.

Thanks again for checking out this video today and I’ll see you on the next one.

Video by Rumblin Man at https://youtu.be/Cvbbs-5YJO8

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