Ibanez Artcore AG75 – A Great Jazzbox

The Ibanez Artcore AG75 made our list of 10 Best  Electric Guitars Under $500. Truth be told, it may just be the very best deal at this price point.  Now jazz guitars aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is easy to be seduced by that incredibly mellow jazz sound. As you’ll soon see, these are great guitars in every respect and they they are one of the best deals to be found anywhere. They are a great deal new and used AG75s can be had a substantial discounts.

The Ibanez Artcore AG75 made our list of 10 Best Electric Guitars Under $500. Truth be told, it may just be the very best deal at this price point. Now jazz guitars aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it is easy to be seduced by that incredibly mellow jazz sound. As you’ll soon see, these are great guitars in every respect and they are one of the best deals to be found anywhere. They are a great deal new and used AG75s can be had at substantial discounts.

So the Ibanez Artcore AG75 is truly an unbelievable deal. But there is something else that puts this guitar over the top. Something that you wouldn’t have suspected. This guitar is incredibly versatile. It’s not just a jazz box. This thing can tackle surf, rock, blues, pop, and heavy metal with ease. You can flat out rip on this Artcore if you are so inclined. And by the way, if you think this guitar can’t do all these things (and do them with style), get online and start reading the reviews you’ll find at your favorite online music stores. The Ag75 gets nothing but high praise from amateurs and pros alike.

If you are shopping for your first electric guitar or you want to add something new to your collection, this is one you need to sit down and play. Get on down to your local music store and plug this into several different amps. You’ll be stunned by what this great guitar can do. You’ll discover quickly that this is no one trick pony. It’s a heck of a lot of guitar for very little money.

Ibanez Artcore AG75 – Jazz on a Budget

Artcore AG75 – Prepare to be Impressed

Hey, Steve Polk here, welcome back to PokeZoo channel.

Hey, this just recently came in and boy this really, really sounds good. I wouldn’t even mind keeping this one. It has a little bit of flame on the back too, which is very rare for this particular model. But this one really has a sound, barely been played, and it sounds really great. I’ve played these, you know, in stores before, when I’ve had, you know, just stopped by to get strings or whatever and they don’t sound as good as this one, and that’s that’s not BS folks. You need to understand it every guitar is a little bit different. Even Chet Atkins used to say that every guitar has a little bit different sound, even the same model depending on the wood, and how old the wood is, and just the way it was put together. But this is an AG 75 Ibanez and a glued-in neck, and as I said, I’ve never seen one of these, it has a little bit of flame. I’m not sure if you can see that, but there is a little bit of flame in the back of the maple body, which is very rare in this model and I think it, in my mind, it adds a little to the sound. Some would argue at that point with me, but you know, all the different wood and all the different components on my guitar affect the sound. That’s why some luthiers don’t like to use plastic for binding. They’d like to use wood. So, not that plastic is bad. But anyway.

Ibanez Artcore AG75

Let me just play this guitar for you. It really has a sound. I really like it. And these strings probably stand to be changed and it still sounds as good. I always like to share a little information, you know, kind of in reference to the guitar letter system. Here’s a nice little thing a little freebie. Four cord connects major 13 flat five. Isn’t that nice? It has a nice, modern sound. So G sharp four cord connects C major 13 flat five. When you find something that works. Isn’t that nice? Boy, this guitar sounds really good. I can sell this guitar for $299 and it has a really nice case. The case looks brand new. It’s a really, really nice case. Maybe I’ll go grab it in a second here. But it comes with, it’s not a case, it’s a gig bag. It’s a nice one. This guitar sure has a nice sound. Yeah, four cord to a major 13 flat 5. So four cord connects major 13 flat 5. Now then I use that common tone, it makes it more musical. Also, I pick up that combo, the same idea. So now g four cord to b-flat major 13, major 13 flat 5. Pick up that common tone again. So now, f four chord. It has another major third on the top. So, four chord. I first heard this chord listening to John McLaughlin, My Goals Beyond. Oh, by the way, I sent John McLaughlin one of my original tunes, Transformation from my CD Transformer which is reviewed by Guitar Player magazine. He actually heard it and thanked me for it. He liked it. Like so anyway, so yeah, that’s a little trick for today. You always want to be looking for new ways to put chords together and that’s what’s so powerful about the Guitar Letter System is it builds your chordal vocabulary in terms of, like, musical sentences and it uses the science of, I just recently discovered this last couple weeks, of neuroplasticity, which just means the way that you learn things. If you learn them in the correct way, it’s like your subconscious mind has an open switch and a safety switch and then it starts creating neural pathways. It’s really powerful. I don’t really want, I don’t really feel like getting into all that right now. But bottom line folks, Guitar Letter System works. The best $199 you’ve ever spend and if you’re into cord melody, oh man, it’s going to explode your ability to make it interesting.

This guitar really, I’m using an old solid-state PV amp by the way. You can add a little to the, you know. So that’s today’s little tidbit, right? Yeah, this guitar really sounds nice, really nice low action. Yeah, whenever you’re working major scales try to make it a little more interesting. Try to think about like the Giants, like JS Bach and whatnot. They wouldn’t just go, I mean unless it was part of a musical phrase. But you try to make a little sequence scales like that, right? That makes it sound really cool, too. It’s like, like the single note line takes on a personality, it takes on a character that’s the result of the combination of elements, not just, you know. And that’s the same thing with the Guitar Letter System. You just play one chord, you have one chord, right? If you learn how to play as the, and then how to add chords to that, then you have, you know, takes on a whole nother color. If you really want to take a quantum leap on your guitar, I suggest you go for it. Quit thinking about it.

Ibanez AG75 – Playability and Smooth Jazz Tones

Anyway, just want to show this guitar. It’s really nice. It really plays good, too. It has hardly any wear on it. It does not have a pickguard, but it looks really nice and I’m not kidding. I’ve played these before they don’t sound this musical. I’m not sure why. I think it just has to do with the wood and maybe the pickups were made with a little bit better quality magnets. You have to understand folks, even big manufacturers make guitars, everything isn’t the same. There could be some magnets that have a little stronger, you know, magnetic field to them, you know, the wood could be a little bit better cure. There are lots of elements. Like in this one, as I said, there’s a little bit of flame on the back of the body. I’m not sure if you can see that. It’s kind of kind of hard to show sometimes. But yeah, and when I when I say the guitar is special, I’m not just saying it trying to sell it. I mean seriously. I wouldn’t even mind keeping this guitar because it’s so comfortable to play and it really has a nice sound. I mean it… These have old strings on it, too. And I can always tell a good guitar because it sounds nice on the treble pickup, too. Yes, it really has a nice sound. Let’s do cycle one. Well, I’m going to keep doing cycle one until everybody’s sick of it because you learn, and I’d be happy to send this to you. Actually, I don’t need to. It’s on my webpage. Just go to Steve Zook Guitars dot com. Hit the guitar ladder in the little orange section of the homepage. Hit the guitar ladder and then that will take you to that page. Scroll down, scroll down past all my sound samples. At the very bottom of the page, you can download cycle one.

Artcore AG75

So yeah, this guitar is available. I’ll go $299 with a nice gig bag. Let me go get the gig bag and show it to you. It’s really nice, really has a sound. I’m just using all PV solid-state nap with just the reverb inside. Really has a sound. But yeah, let me let me go ahead and just grab this gig bag so you can see it. But yeah, this is really a nice little guitar. I’ve never played this one of these little seventy-fives that sounds this good. Here, here’s the gig bag here. And yeah, I think I’m just going to play this guitar for what? Maybe use it for some guitar ladder. By the way, when you order the guitar ladder, you get 240 studies plus a secret Horus Hatchet files, plus anything else I think over the next ten years. So, and I don’t send it all at once because it wouldn’t be productive. But you can see it. It’s a really, really nice bag. This is a quality bag. It looks it looks like a new bag to me. But anyway, this guitar is available for $299. You can email me at [email protected] or Steve Zook the number seven that yahoo.com. It’s got a beautiful jazz sound. Hear that really sound? I’m just messing around. Yeah, today’s little trick was four chord, like G sharp four cord, connects C major 13 flat 5. Then I pick up the common tone, G four b-flat major 13 flat 5. So I pick up of common tone again. F four chord, a flat major, 13 flat 5. Pick up the common tone again. D sharp four chord F sharp major 13. All right folks. This is available. It’s really a nice box. I’m really quite surprised, but I’m not because, like, I always, I see one little ding in the back. It’s pretty close to near-mint. Maybe some little slight surface levels. Yeah, you can see a little flame in there. But you know a great guitar can end up in any of the models/lines. It doesn’t have to be high, end, mid-end, and low. You know, it can be anywhere. But some guitar shows have more mojo than others. It’s really true and the more experience you have the more you learn about things like that.

Ibanez Artcore AG75 – Unprecedented Value

So yeah, this is really a nice guitar. It’s almost hard to put down and I’ve got, I did just some slight dialing in and I got it playing really nice. Really has a sweet… I really like the sound of this treble pickup. It’s very musical. It’s got just a gorgeous jazz sound, doesn’t it? Yeah, it’s a really nice guitar. As I said, you don’t see them too often to have some, a little bit of flame on the back. I really do you believe it adds to the sound. Yeah, I’ve got it set up pretty damn nice right now – it’s got a really nice low playable action. So it’s a nice guitar. Really nice box.

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